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What is Hiroshige?

Q1. Why is Hiroshige Museum of Art in Tendo?

When the Tendo clan was in bad financial condition at the end of Shogun Tokugawa's reign, they asked Hiroshige to draw some pictures which were called "Tendo Hiroshige". These pictures were drawn by a writing brush directly onto silk, and it is thought that Hiroshige drew more than two hundred pieces at that time.
Currently,there are nineteen pieces within the Tendo area which have great historical significance. These events led to the establishment of a Hiroshige Museum of Art in Tendo on April 18th 1997, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Hiroshige's birth.

Q2. Utagawa Hiroshige and Ando Hiroshige, Are they the same person?

Yes, they are same. Hiroshige was born to a Samurai family and was named Ando Jyuemon. He took the name of Hiroshige from his or master, Toyohiro, and the name of Utagawa from the style of woodblock printing which he learned.

Q3. Were there many Hiroshige ?

There were five generations in total, who named Hiroshige. Hiroshiges II and III were from students of the first Hiroshige, and Hiroshiges IV and V were from his relatives.

Q4. What is

A Nikuhitsu-ga is a painting, which made using a writing brush and drawing directly onto silk, paper, or wood . Therefore only one original is ever made. Nikuhitsu-ga paintings differ from wood block prints which many copies can be made at one time.

Q5. Are there any

No,there are not so many remaining.."Nishiki-e".
The Nishiki-e is the original drawing that the woodblock carver places onto the woodblock in order to etch out the picture to be subsequently printed.
During etching process, original drawing was vanished. Therefore, basically, original drawing won't remain.

Q6. Did the master painter produce the woodblock print all by himself?

No,he didn't .Many people and process were involved in producing an art of woodblock paint. This kind of art of woodblock paint calls "Nishiki-e" in Japanese word, and its processes are as follows.
Based on Publisher's plan, Master Painter drew original design and woodblock carver made artwork og original design, and then painter made many woodblock paints. With reviewing those processes, "Nishiki-e" be regarded as an art of collaborated achievement, which many people participated in.

Q7. Why do we change the exhibition every month?

The colors of Ukiyo-e are made from certain plants which makes them delicate to sun light and artificial light.
To prevent from deterioration of quality of colors of Ukiyo-e, and keep those in good condition, we decided to display them for only one month of every year.

Opening Hours

April - October 9:00 - 18:00
November - March 9:00 - 17:00
(last admission is 30 minutes before to close)


Every Tuesdays
(When Tuseday is a holiday, the museum is open and closed the following day instead.)
Close 3 more days (indeterminate days), when exhibits are changed on every month.


Adults: 600 (500) yen
University/High/Junior High School Students: 500 (450) yen
Elementary School Students: 300 (250) yen
* ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 15 or more.
* Special exhibitions require a separate admission fee.


10 minutes from JR Tendo Station by Walk.
15 minutes from JR Yamadera Station by Car.
7 minutes from Tendo Interchange on Tohoku Chuo Expressway.
15 minutes from Yamagata Kita Interchange on Yamagata Expressway.
One hour from the Sendai City on National Hwy. Route 48.
15 minutes from Yamagata Airport.

1-2-1 Kamatahoncho Tendo City, Yamagata, 994-0025, Japan
TEL. +81-23-654-6555
FAX. +81-23-654-6554
E-mail. info@hiroshige-tendo.jp